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The church of Berroeta.

This church, which probably dated from the 11th century, became the parish church of Maul on when this town was created. It was remodeled in the 14th century and the imposing pentagonal Gothic front wall flanked by large flying buttresses has been preserved. This apse is illuminated to the East by means of three culms and to the North and South by means of three hollows with a broken arch. At the entrance, an elegant classic door with front and pilasters has been used again. Rearranged again in the 16th century, the building had the peculiar appearance of the Zuberoa churches built at that time, with its bell tower-calvary. C nac-Moncaut (1857) described it as follows: "The nave is very low, with three vaulted sections in ogive transept supported on macaroni and flanked by two chapels, independently of the two chapels of the sanctuary. In the North chapel was the He ordered funeral of a lady from the Bela family, engraved with lines, hands joined." Somewhat later, around 1900, Abbe Haristoy wrote: "The church, touched up if not rebuilt, is still solid, with its three frontal bell towers crowned with a cross, like all the old bell towers of the churches in Zuberoa. Through these imposing vaults, due to the beautifully profiled arches that branch out and intersect like the branches of a tree, in such a way that they give the vaults almost the appearance of a semicircular point, due to these corbels, etc., one can recognize a building from the end of the 15th century or the beginning of the 16th century.There are three chapels dedicated, one to Saint Crepin, another to Saint Eloy and the third to Our Lady.In this one you can see figures of various characters on stones reminiscent of the rich sculptures stone burial mound of the fifteenth century" (Haristoy, 1895).