Zumalakarregi, Tomas (1788-1835)

Zumalac Rregui has already formed a considerable army with its headquarters in Las Amescoas. From Navarre, his blows boldly set out to the heart of the surrounding provinces, adding to his great mobility the fact of having a large number of spies and informants at his service within an addicted country. One of Mina's first maneuvers then was to close the access to the valley through the Burunda. But in January 1835 the Carlist audacity reached the point of occupying Lekaroz, Irurita and Elbetea, approaching the Elizondo garrison; In Guipzcoa he took, with about 3,000 men, Zumarraga and Urretxu. The next day in Zelandieta (January 2-3), Zumalac Irregui finally manages to neutralize J uregui who will be prevented from carrying out his usual runs like this: the Carlist control of Guipzcoa is increasing.

Now he can dedicate himself, while continuing to play on a small scale, to the conquest of Baztan. In the middle of the snow storm, Zumalac Rregui went to the fence of Ziga, which he abandoned on February 12 due to the proximity of Mina. Both rivals do not see each other this time and Mina has the trait of sending him her young daughter, confined until then in the Pamplona Inclusive; This was not the case in March (12) when the troops of one and the other faced each other fiercely on Mount Larremiar. Mina miraculously escapes from being taken prisoner and suffering a tremendous defeat but manages to break Elizondo's siege. That is when, exasperated, he orders the burning of Lekaroz (March 14). Zumalac Rregui, prudently withdrawing, surprises the Etxarri-Aranatz garrison by seizing (March 19) this square, a strategic point on the royal road from Pamplona to Vitoria. It is around this time that he had his interview (The Man with the Great Sword), real or fictitious, with Joseph Augustin Chaho . Also, when he agreed with Lord Elliot for greater clemency the Carlists and the Liberals (April 24). Soon almost all of the Basque territory, with the exception of the capitals, escaped government control. The urban militias and the garrisons took refuge in San Sebastián in Bilbao. Baztan is evacuated on June 15.