Zumalakarregi, Tomas (1788-1835)

Once absolutism was restored, he organized the II Volunteer Infantry Regiment of Aragon. He is part of the Military Commission of the Viceroyalty. In 1825 he was a garrison in Huesca and in 1828 in Zaragoza, in the Regiment of the Prince. The following year he was appointed Colonel of the Girona Regiment and Inspector of the invalid corps. In 1832 he is Military Governor of El Ferrol, with political and military command over the square, when he is relieved by Brigadier Rafael Cevallos de Escalera for reasons that are not too clear (there is talk of excesses against banditry, sympathy for the suitor Carlos) . Resentful of this separation, he goes to the Court to explain his case to the Infantry inspector, General Quesada, a visit, apparently unsuccessful, after which he goes, with unlimited leave, to Pamplona, the city of his wife. There he attended the social gathering of the fuerista Angel Sagaseta de Il rdoz.