Zumalakarregi, Tomas (1788-1835)

After the war, he was appointed secretary-archivist under the command of the general captain of the Basque Country, Carlos Arizaga . In 1815 he joined the staff of the Borbún Infantry Regiment and, 4 years later, he joined the Vitoria Regiment in Zamora. In 1820 he married Pancracia Ollo. He was separated from the Military Orders Regiment for a time as he was considered disaffected by the liberal regime. Reincorporated into the army, he went to Ciudad Rodrigo the following year. In 1822 he was with his regiment in Pamplona. He collaborates with his communiqués in the realistic newspaper La Verdad contra el Error y Desenga o de Incautos published in various places in the middle of the Constitutional Triennium.