Zumalakarregi, Tomas (1788-1835)

After the action of Gulina (06-18-1834), the pretender Carlos M Isidro, in person, confirms Zumalac Rregui as the military headquarters of Carlism: Lieutenant General of the Royal Armies. The greatest successes are those in which Zumalac Rregui manages to reject (July 30) Rodil, Carrera, Espartero, Manzanedo and Lorenzo -the Cristina staff- in the port of Artaza. In the Peas de San Fausto (August 19) the Carlist leader surprised the liberal troops by seizing 6,000 duros, supplies and, above all, the key in which the Government sent its parts to the army. In Viana (September 14) the Carlist knight confronted the Cristina for the first time, defeating her. O'Doyle is defeated by the Gipuzkoan on the Álava plain (October 27-28). It is a war of usury, of reprisals -the burning of Arantzazu and the Bera convent (August and September)-, of harshness -utions ordered by Zumalac Rregui of those volunteers who did not dare to enter Etxarri-Aranatz-, of cruelty - side of General Lorenzo (October 14) -. A liberal Navarrese guerrilla fighter, General Francisco Espoz y Mina, was commissioned by Madrid to stop the irrepressible Carlist push (November 14). But the maneuver has no effect. At the end of the year (December 15), Zumalac Rregui has already issued a warning to the Navarrese of what his forces are worth by arresting Córdoba, Orad and others on the banks of the Ega in Arquijas. But where both masters of the guerrilla must truly measure their stature is in the Baztan Valley, whose government detachments found themselves in continuous trouble at the beginning of 1835.