Zumalakarregi, Tomas (1788-1835)

According to what the historian Paloma Miranda has verified, there is no mention in his service record of his edly attributed presence in Zaragoza besieged by the French. He spends the first months of 1809 in his native town. The guerrilla Jauregui "Artzaia" welcomed him as his secretary in Gipzcoa, acting then as second in command of his party. It is at this time when he learns about the guerrilla: the Azpóroz action (September 21), the Oiartzun action (September 29), the Tiebas action (November 2), the Santa Cruz de Campezo action (January 3, 1810), action of Carrascal (February 8), actions of Villarreal, Belascoain and Unzu. In April of that year he was promoted to Officer of the Guipzcoa Regiment, properly beginning his military career. In 1813, after taking part in the battle of San Marcial , he went to Cádiz to receive the appointment of captain. He already has rich experience.