Zumalakarregi, Tomas (1788-1835)

Threatened by the government, the Carlist Deputations of Lava, Vizcaya and Guipzcoa also abide by his mandate on December 7th. With 3,000 volunteers without military training and without resources, the new leader went into the Navarrese mountains, avoiding any encounter with the Christian troops until the action at Nazar and Asarta (Berrueza), on December 29-30 of the same year. to or. There he already ed his military talent fighting with inexperienced soldiers against those of General M. Lorenzo and those of Colonel Marcelino Oral "El Lobo Cano". The year 1834 began by taking the Royal Arms Factory of Orbaitzeta by surprise. Their usual tactic is the surprise attack, the wearing down of the enemy and the withdrawal, like the action of Griesa, on February 3 of that year, or the surprise of Zubiri and Urdaniz against Ora. During these months, his former superior Quesada and his brother, the liberal politician, Miguel Antonio, take various steps to get him reintegrated into the legal , stumbling upon his refusal, despite knowing that both his wife and daughters are subjected to reprisals and their assets auctioned off. On March 16, he took Vitoria by surprise, abandoning it on the 29th. In March his leadership was recognized by the Carlist Juntas of Aragón and Catalonia. On April 22, he mocked General Quesada, near Altsasu-Alsasua, waiting for him with 7 battalions. He came with three of the Royal Guard, a company of Franks, 20 carabinieri, two cavalry halves and four mounted pieces; He went to Quesada from Vitoria to Pamplona counting on General Lorenzo falling on Olazagutia. But he did not come and Quesada, faced with superior forces, withdrew to the part of Altzania and Zegama. There the attack took place which, although it was finally repulsed by artillery, caused heavy losses to the Queen's troops. Zumalac Rregui also had them but he got about 100 prisoners, including Leopolodo O'Donnell and three other officers. This action instilled fear among the Christians (prisoners are shot on both sides) and gave him credit among the followers of D. Carlos. Again he defeated the Cuban Quesada in Muez on May 26.