LENITZ, Valley of

Valley in the province of Gipuzkoa. It is located in the SW part of the province, close to Alava. Although geographically larger, today it is bordered to the N. by Arrasate; to the E. by Oñati; to the S. by Barrundia (Alava) and Leintz-Gatzaga (Guip.); and to the W. by Aramaio (Alava). The terrain is quite rugged and mountainous. The River Deva and the Urkulu, a tributary of the former, cross the valley from S. to N. Other tributaries of the River Deva are the Aranzasarra (right bank) and the Gellano (left bank). The River Deva forms a real natural or geographical valley, which widens in the part of Aretxabaleta. Most of the population centres are located along the river Deva. The most important heights in the valley, or close to it, are Andarto (1,089 m.), Aranguren (1,163 m.), Elorretako altza (Kurutzeberri, 1,155 m.), Amuategigaña (1,187 m.) and Mugatriluze (1,104 m.). The first 3 belong to the Zaraya mountain range and the other 2 to the Elgea mountain range. Mount Jarindo (886 m), the Léniz valley and Aramaio, is the boundary Guipúzcoa and Alava. Aretxabaleta, the most important centre of the valley, is at 1° 11' and 43° 02' 5" (M. M.).