LENITZ, Valley of

Dominion of the Guevara family. The influential Alava family dominated the Arlaban pass, Alava and Guipúzcoa, although their primacy, rather than being based on irrefutable legal proof, was based on de facto hereditary dominion. Specific historical data date back to a document from 1352 in which it is stated that Beltrán de Guevara owned real estate in Vendoyave "which is in the land of Lenis" (Bedoña?). Ayerbe Iríbar records (BSBAP, 1984, 571) the family's attempt to dominate the whole valley jurisdictionally, especially the flourishing town of Mondragón where they owned the tower and fortress-house of Zalgíbar with its forges and goods. When they were unable to get hold of the town, Beltrán obtained the donation of the valley in 1370.