LENITZ, Valley of

Emancipation process. Finally, the valley was legally restored to its former freedom in 1456 by Royal utory Order issued in a contradictory judgement by the Supreme Council of Castile and incorporated into the Brotherhood of Guipúzcoa in the time of the Catholic Monarchs. On 25 September 1458 (Ubeda), Enrique IV ordered the valley of Léniz and the town of Salinas to join the Brotherhood of Guipúzcoa (Ref. Cartulario Real de Enrique IV a la provincia de Guipúzcoa, SEV, 1983). The order was not carried out due to opposition from the Count of Oñate who, in 1475, signed new capitulations with the inhabitants of the valley (plus Salinas), which led to a new extension of their liberties. On 31 August 1476 (Vitoria), King Ferdinand the Catholic addressed a Royal Provision to all the inhabitants of his territories, including the land of Lenis, ordering that the provinces of Alava, Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa should become part of the General Brotherhood of the kingdom, born as a result of the Cortes of Madrigal (Ref. Cartulario Real a la provincia de Alava, SEV, 1983).