The day the boards of directors of the agreed Public Companies are constituted, the director of the program, Angel Pascual Mágica, is assassinated by ETA. Lemoiz's project cannot and will not be stopped, said Labayen, spokesman for the Basque Government, days later. But the stoppage of a project in which 200,000 million pesetas have already been invested in ten years is a fact. The dispersion of the workers is total and the paralysis is complete. The last victim of Lemoiz's war will be the child Alberto Muagorri who is seriously injured when percussing a package-bomb located at the door of a store in Iberduero in Renteria. On September 2, 1982, on the eve of the PSOE coming to power, the central government assumed, through an intervention decree, the continuation and ution of the works by the State. The Government of Felipe González will not raise the issue again and Lemoiz will continue to be paralyzed.


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