Altitude. Apart from those corresponding to the different mountain peaks, it is worth noting that the highest is the peak of Iror Errege Maya or Mesa de los Tres Reyes at 2,434 m., and the lowest is inland on the banks of the Ebro, in Buñuel, Navarre, at 240 m., and on the banks of the Adur, in Labastida, at 28 m. The historical capitals of the Basque counties have the following as their reference point: Vitoria532.7 m.Pamplona450 m.San Sebastián7.9 m.Bilbao8.8 m.Bayona35 m.San Juan Pie de Puerto161 m.Mauleon140 m.These differences in altitude divide the country into three zones: the mountains, the middle zone and the so-called Ribera. The former, on the maritime side, descends from peaks 800 and 2,000 m. to the seashore taken as a starting point. The middle zone rarely exceeds 1,200 m. as can be seen in Elo (Iga de Monreal, 1.289). The Ribera, on the other hand, ranges from 240 m. to 700 m.

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