Location. The Basque Country occupies a part of the eastern Atlantic Pyrenees. Its characteristic feature is its average altitude. Its eastern and western limits end where the mountains begin to rise above two thousand metres in altitude. Its coordinates offer us the following interesting data: - to the west:0° 14' 12" (Ordunte mountains, in the confines of Santander) - to the east:2° 57' 33" (Anie peak, border of Beame and Aragon) - to the north:43° 31' 50" (mouth of the Adour, in the municipality of Anglet) - to the south: 41 ° 54' 31" (municipal boundaries of Buñuel, Navarre) Surrounding the Basque Country are others of strong historical personality such as Gascony to the North, Aragon to the East, Castile to the West and La Rioja and part of Aragon (Saragossa) to the South.

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