The Gipuzkoan coast is generally abrupt, with mountains that present to the sea escarpments and high cliffs, or rocky wastes. This rough profile has forced the Basque to build their ports with great effort. In Fuenterrabía there is a small port in the shelter of the Higuer cape, called Asturiaga. Past the bar of the Bidasoa, also dock their fishing boats on the banks of the river. The main port of Guipuzcoa is Pasajes. There are small ports in San Sebastian, Guetaria, Zumaya, Deva and Motrico. The old fishing port of Zarauz is currently used for recreation. The longest beaches are those of Donostia and Zarauz. There are other beautiful beaches in Ondarribi (Fuenterrabia), Orio, Zumaya, Deva and Saturrarán.

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