Literary Figures

Blazy, Edmond

Priest and promoter born on 22 February 1907 in Ussat, in the Occitan Pyrenees.

Co-founder and first director of the Bayonne magazine Gure Herria (1921), in which he was a regular contributor with articles mainly related to Basque pelota. He was vice-president of the Fédération de Pelote Basque and published in 1929 the very interesting book La pelote basque, fundamental for the study of this sport. The book consists of three parts devoted respectively to the history, frontons, accessories, players and rules of the different modalities.

He is also the author of the comedy in Basque Osaba amerikanoa and the film poem Mirentxu (1924). In 1929 he was appointed parish priest of Ustaritz, Lapurdi, a parish he led until his tragic death in 1941 as a prisoner of war of the German army.

In addition to these posts, he was Vice-President of the Union des Anciens Combattants de Bayonne, Chaplain of the Lycée in the same town and Secretary of the Musée Basque. He always lent his enthusiastic support to all Basque cultural work, mainly in the field of theatre and singing.  


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