Musical Groups

Alaitz eta Maider

A female duo whose main proposal consists of vindicating the Basque diatonic accordion, an instrument popularly known as the trikitrixa. The group is made up of Alaitz Telletxea and Maider Zabalegi, both from the town of Oiartzun in Gipuzkoa. The pair represent the latest instalment of the so-called triki-pop movement, a musical trend in which groups such as Gozategi and Maixa eta Ixiar are also active. Sponsored by the accordionist Joseba Tapia, they recorded their first album, of the same name, in 1997, based on pop, rock, folk, salsa and ska with a youthful image. Their second LP is called Inshalla (Elkar, 2000) and insists on the formula of suggestive melodies and vital songs resolved tradition and youthful carefree attitude.

In June 2004 they presented their third album, Auskalo, in Leioa. The duo disbanded in December of the same year.


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