Politicians and Public Officials

Garaikoetxea Urriza, Carlos (1983 version)

Basque nationalist politician born on June 2, 1938 in Pamplona / Iru a. He studied Law and Economics in Deusto and began to practice in the field of private companies: Sigma de Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa), Tracsa and Eaton-Ib rica . In 1971 he was elected president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Navarrese capital. Later he became a member of the Navarro Foral Council and a member of the "Principe de Viana" Institution. His Basque concern led him to take part in the ikastolas movement, becoming president of the San Fermin ikastola created in 1970. For these years he left the company and opened a law firm, joining the PNV at the end of 1975. . Member of the NBB, he is elected president of the EBB of the PNV in 1977. Candidate defeated in the elections of June 15, 1977 (PNV, Navarra). On November 20, 1978, he joined the group designated by the Assembly of Basque Parliamentarians to draft an autonomy statute for the Basque Country and on April 3, 1979, he was elected parliamentarian for the Pamplona merindad for the Foral Parliament. Navarrese. The renewal of the General Basque Council brought about by the general elections of that year led him to replace Ramón Rubial at the head of the General Basque Council. From this moment on, he became the protagonist of the final negotiation of the statutory text with President Suérez, apart from the discussions of the APV Congress mixed paper (July 8-16, 1979). Elected member of the Basque Parliament on March 9, 1980 (for Guipúzcoa), one month later he became president of the Basque Government constituted according to the autonomy statute of 1979, thus being the third statutory lehendakari of the country after José Antonio Aguirre and Jesus Mar to Leizaola. Ainhoa AROZAMENA AYALA